Knott's Berry Farm Undertaker Collectible Pin

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Ghost Town's Undertaker was Phineas J. Mortimer, whose first establishment was located at Calico Square, where he hung his sign, "Your best friend... The last one to let you down." After the sock maker moved out of his building next to Bird Cage Theatre, Mortimer moved in. With all the gunfights in town, Ol' Mortimer made a killing! He's still in business today, and he's dying for you to drop by to pay your respects or try on a casket. Pin #52 is a collectible spinning pin in the Knott's 100th Anniversary series which pays tribute to this lesser-known spirit of Ghost Town.

Pin #52

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Created Especially for Knott’s Berry Farm / The Undertaker Pin is a die-struck full metal pin with antique nickel plating featuring a custom-made spinning mechanism. / This is a two sided pin featuring Phineas J. Mortimer on one side and a skeleton on the other side. / Knott’s Berry Farm Pin Collection Holographic Sticker / Pin 52 of the 100 pins of the 100 years of Knott’s Berry Farm / Pin is 1.34” x 1.0.”