Knott's Berry Farm Wacky Soap Box Racer Collectible Pin

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Feeling wacky? This next release in the Knott's 100th Pin Series is another iconic former park attraction. From 1980 until 1996, The Wacky Soapbox Racers sent guests on a wild race to Catnip Junction and beyond, culminating in a visit to Seymour Dud's Fireworks Factory for an explosive ending! Each soapbox vehicle competed in a race through a living cartoon of pun-filled Kitty City, for an experience like an outdoor dark ride. Located where Xcelerator is now, the Soapbox Racers utilized the same track as the previous Motorcycle Chase and was a great way for kids of all ages to experience the wacky fun of a unique, rollercoaster-style ride. Don't miss out on adding this special commemorative pin to your collection – before they race away!

Quantity: Limit 2 Per Guest.