Knott's Berry Farm Sky Jump Collectible Pin

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This week's release in the Knott's 100th Pin Series will have you JUMPING for joy!
There's a special feeling you get when you see that giant ""K"" high in the sky. It means you're almost to Knott's Berry Farm! Since June 12, 1976, the giant neon ""K"" atop the Sky Jump has been a flashing, animated beacon, visible day or night for miles. Rising 235 feet into the air, the Sky Jump was the centerpiece of the brand new ""Roaring 20's Airfield"" expansion of Knott's. Themed around a bustling airfield, the land ushered in a new era of fun at the Farm. Featuring thrill rides like the Loop Trainer and the Motorcycle Chase, the Sky Jump towered above them all and offered guests a chance to ride to the top before plummeting back down to earth with the help of a brightly colored parachute. Though the parachute Sky Jump attraction closed in the 1990's, guests can still get a breathtaking view of Knott's and Orange County with a ride on the Sky Cabin, a much more serene ride than the parachute. Knott's proudly honors the Sky Jump with this special collector pin destined to bring back fond memories of that bygone 20's era.

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