Knott's Berry Farm Whittles Collectible Pin

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Whittles, the Prospector roamed the dusty trails of Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town back in the day. He could be seen digging for gold all along the ore laden passages with his trusty burro sidekick, Brutus. He made friends with everyone he met - and those who met him say he was the friendliest ol' miner in the west. But one day, Whittles left Calico to stake his claim somewhere out in the mysterious desert. There have been sightings of him now and then, but Whittles remains a mystery to most folks. A shame really, as he had a heart of gold... and a few teeth as well. Someday you might see him back round these parts, Brutus at his side, prospecting for gold nuggets and good friends... Don't miss this gem of a pin, part of the Knott's 100th Pin Series.

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