Knott's Berry Farm Ghost Town Sign Collectible Pin

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A simple sign that says so much. Inspired by the original, this sign told folks that adventure and fun was just around the corner! Knott's went from a real farm to a wonderful Berry farm full of old time adventures...and this sign led the way! Let folks know you've been down the dusty trail to Calico with this unique pin that celebrates the pioneer spirit of Walter and Cordelia Knott and the Berry Farm they created right here in Buena Park.

Created Especially for Knott’s Berry Farm / This is a zinc die-cast pin with colorful print. / Knott’s Berry Farm Pin Collection Holographic Sticker / Pin 33 of the 100 pins of the 100 years of Knott’s Berry Farm / Pin is 1.5” x .5 / Limit 2 Per Guest