Knott's Berry Farm Catawampus Collectible Pin

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Down at the end of Main Street in Calico lives a peculiar species found only at Knott's Berry Farm...The Catawampus! The little wooden critter has been safely corralled at Knott's since the late 1930s and hasn't gone extinct yet. Thought to the be last of her kind, that notion was changed when a young Kittywampus joined the herd a few summers ago. Listen closely, and you may hear the beloved Catawampus speak to you... Moo!

Pin #30

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Created Especially for Knott’s Berry Farm / This is a zinc die-cast pin with colorful print. / Knott’s Berry Farm Pin Collection Holographic Sticker / Pin 30 of the 100 pins of the 100 years of Knott’s Berry Farm / Pin is 12.5” / Pin is Made in Canada / Limit 2 Per Guest.