Knott's Berry Farm Cloud 9 Ballroom Collectible Pin

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In 1976, The Cloud 9 Ballroom welcomed dancers for the first time in the Roaring 20’s area. With its signature black and white checkered floor, mirrored columns, and neon clouds above, the Cloud 9 Ballroom became a club where you could dance the night away at Knott’s Berry Farm. This limited edition pin celebrates the good times and memories...but grab one quick before the music ends!

Pin #76

Limit 2 per guest

Created Exclusively for Knott's Berry Farm / PIN # 76 Cloud Nine is a 2D Die Cast Metal Pin with Bling and Neon Fill. / Pin #76 Cloud Nine features the iconic Cloud Nine Balloon Sign Logo / Knott's Berry Farm Pin Collection Holographic Sticker / Pin 76 Cloud Nine Ballroom / Pin is 1 3/4" x 1.25" / Limit 2 Per Guest