Knott's Berry Farm Town of Calico 80th Anniversary Collectible Pin

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80 years ago, Walter Knott, flush from the success of Cordelia's legendary Chicken Dinner, looked out across a barren field and saw promise. He saw the dusty Calico Ghost Town shimmering in his dreams. Today, you can walk through Walter's imagination and live and appreciate the hard work of the great pioneers who settled this land. From the Blacksmith to the Sheriff, Sad Eye Joe to Catawampus, Calico Ghost Town is alive and well with colorful characters, adventure, and history. Be sure to rustle up this limited-edition pin before the Mayfield Gang makes off with the whole lot!

Pin #95

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  • Created Exclusively for Knott's Berry Farm
  • PIN 95 80th Anniversary of Calico Ghost Town is an Antique Nickel with Antique Copper Plating Pin with Red stones.
  • This is the Second of our Belt Buckle-inspired pins. This pin features the iconic buildings of Ghost Town along with our Stagecoach. Also, the pin features 2 Red Ruby stones that symbolize its 80th Anniversary.
  • Knott's Berry Farm Pin Collection Holographic Sticker
  • Custom Rubber Clutch
  • The Pin is 1.87" x 1.5"