Knott's Berry Farm Calico Saloon 70th Anniversary Collectible Pin

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70 years ago, the Calico Saloon opened its swinging doors to the fine people of Ghost Town! Thousands of cowboys, saloon girls, and desperados have wet their whistle at the brass rail of the most popular place in town. Grab a table and enjoy a show or take your libation on the road if the Sheriff is lookin' for ya'! Either way, this pin honors the talented performers and dexterous bartenders who passed through the Calico Saloon in its 7 decades. Be sure to grab yours before your mug comes empty because these limited edition collector pins will last as long as cold sarsaparilla on a hot day!

Pin #70

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  • Created Exclusively for Knott's Berry Farm
  • PIN 94 Silver Bullet is an Antique Nickel with Brass Plating Pin with blue stones.
  • This is the first of our Belt Buckle-inspired pins. This pin features 2 Steins commemorating the year it opened and 2 blue stones that symbolize 70 years.
  • Knott's Berry Farm Pin Collection Holographic Sticker