Knott's Berry Farm Silver Bullet Collectible Pin

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What in tarnation? Whittles, Catawampus, Sad Eye Joe...and Bigfoot? The most colorful characters at Knott's are soaring high above Ghost Town on Silver Bullet, the craziest contraption in the Old West! Opened in 2004, Silver Bullet features six inversions, including a vertical loop, cobra roll, a zero-g roll, and two corkscrews! Be sure to grab this high speedin' limited-edition collector pin before it zooms away like a tumbleweed in a tornado!

Pin #94

Limit 2 pins per guest

  • Created Exclusively for Knott's Berry Farm
  • PIN 94 Silver Bullet is a 3D Digiprint Ceramic Finish Metal Molded Pin.
  • This Pin features the iconic ride with Knott's Berry Farm favorite riders: Whittles, The Catawampus, Sad Eye Joe, and BIGFOOT.
  • Knott's Berry Farm Pin Collection Holographic Sticker with Custom Rubber Clutch
  • The Pin is 1.78" x 2"