Knott's Preserved Anniversary Edition Book

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After a complete sell-out of the original 2010 and 2015 editions, Knott’s Preserved is back—and it's an expanded and updated treat for berry-farm fans everywhere as Knott’s turns 100!

How could one place have the world's best boysenberry preserves, world-class roller coasters, and Independence Hall, too?

Where does a Ghost Town exist alongside a two-hundred-foot Sky Jump, while people wait three hours for a chicken dinner? Knott’s Preserved: From Boysenberry to Theme Park, the History of Knott’s Berry Farm has all the answers—and many, many more.

From the earliest days of the Farm, when Walter Knott, his wife Cordelia, and their kids were serving up baskets of berries "as big as a man's thumb" and berry pies that weighed in at three pounds, to the advent of themed rides, Camp Snoopy replete with the Peanuts gang, Ghost Town Alive, and the arrival of the new Knott’s Bear-y Tales—it's all in Knott’s Preserved.

Brimming with more than 300 images—most of them never before published—Knott’s Preserved reveals exactly how the Knott family turned a berry business into one of the major theme parks in the world. Artists and designers will flip at the details and artwork the authors display—the how-it-happened of Knott’s from the earliest days. The berries and fried chicken were just a yummy lead-in to what would become a thrills capital of the world. Plus, it's a story of how a man and a woman remained true to their values, sharing profits and credit whenever they could. Heartwarming? Yes. Decidedly so.

For everybody who ever put their arms around Whiskey Bill and Handsome Brady, screamed in terror at Knott’s Scary Farm, or marveled at the Calico Mine, this is the book that's filled with as much nostalgia as the Farm itself. Knott’s Preserved is a must for every theme park lover and all those kids at heart. by Christopher Merritt and J. Eric Lynxwiler

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