Knott's Berry Farm Bear-y Tales 2021 Return to the Fair Ride Pie Collectible Pin

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After 34 years, the fun is back! Take a journey from the Boysenberry Pie Factory through the Fortune Teller Camp and more as you make your way to the County Fair! But watch out for those pesky coyote pups. They’re always looking to poach a pie! Knott’s Berry Farm is proud to announce the return of a beloved classic to the park. From the familiar berry smells to the jumpin’ frogs, it’s the Bear-y Tales adventure you remember with all new updated, interactive fun. This First Edition Ride Pin is sure to be a collector’s item, so make sure you get your paws on one today! And see you at the Fair!

Pin #80

Limit 2 per guest

Purple Rubber Double Clutch
Pin is 1.75"" x .80""
Quantity: Limit 2 Per Guest.
Pin #80"