• Snoopy Hugging a Boysenberry Collectible Pin

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Happiness is a warm puppy and a delicious Boysenberry! Snoopy and Boysenberries go together like peanut butter and jelly...it's just right! Be sure to add this adorable pin to your collection before you overload with cuteness!

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by Roger
on 2/16/2021
Is Snoopy dead or what?
I’m very critical of this pin also. Nowhere on the cardBORED backing is it identified as a “100th. Anniversary Commemorative Pin”. Not even in the microprint under the bar code. This looks like a generic, off the shelf pin. It shouldn’t be included in the group of 100. The cardBORED backing is bland, boring and non descriptive. With that dark silhouetted background, the backing has all the fun, color and frivolity of a funeral. What’s the implicit message with this pin? That poor Snoopy ate a rotten Boysenberry and then died? Is that a dead Snoopy on top of the dog house of the cardBORED backing? If so, then I take back everything that I just said and recognize this pin as pure, unadulterated genius satire! Seriously, there are so many amazing things about Knott’s that are more worthy of top 100 inclusion than this pin. As a fervent purveyor of Knott’s amazing legacy, I think that Knott’s wasted an opportunity with this pin. What do I think of this pins execution? “Yes, I’m all for it”
by Calico Gent
on 9/5/2020
Snoopy berries
Love snoopy, Loe boysenberries, Love the finish!
by Leroy
on 8/17/2020
I do not understand why everybody is upset about this pin. It’s absolutely adorable. And the boysenberry is very pretty. It’s a nice size pin and I’m just so happy to have it. Snoopy hugging that boysenberry made my day. Thank you, Knott’s!
by Alex
on 8/15/2020
This probably has to be my least favorite pin. The picture is misleading because you’d think the boysenberry is painted on rather than laser printed on, because of the glare. But, it’s in fact laser printed on meaning the glare is apart of the design. Pretty cheap looking.
by Catalina
on 8/14/2020
Cute but low quality
The online picture (even the Facebook, real life picture) are misleading. This pin is disappointing because it has no real pop of color. They should make clear if it is an enamel or laser print pin. The design had great potential but it just fell short.
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