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923625Boysenberry Butter
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60069293Cherry Butter
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60069291Strawberry Butter
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60067684Sweet Potato Butter
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60069292Blackberry Butter
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Choose Your Own Single Jar Berry Market Butter. 

The crafting of fruit butter originated in the early days of America as a way to preserve the harvest. Fruit butters contain no real butter.  They are called a "butter" because of there rich, creamy texture.  The art of slowly cooking the fruit into a spread is the key to the process.  Spread on your morning piece of toast, muffin, or bagel.  It makes a great companion with cottage cheese or blended into ice cream or cake toppings.  Enjoy!

Boysenberry Butter 16 oz 

Cherry Butter 16.5 oz

Strawberry Butter 16.5 oz

Apple Butter 16.5 oz

Peach Butter 16.5 oz

Sweet Potato Butter 16.5 oz

Blackberry Butter 16.5

Cinnamon Apple Butter 16.5


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