Created from a homemade hot sauce recipe made with peppers, fresh boysenberries, and seasonings.  We at the farm feel it’s a bit of boysenberry magic in a bottle. We’ve dipped sweet potato fries and homemade chicken nuggets in it. Perfect for Steak, Fish, Chicken, Burgers. Fabulous. And yes, we’ve even drizzled some on top vanilla ice cream. Amazing!


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by Rocky
on 2/16/2021
Great flavor sauce
Saw this at a recent visit to Knotts Berry Park Market place and decided to try it. First impression was the flavor was sweet, but not too much just the right balance. Heat factor from 1 to 10, 1 from mild to 10 being crazy hot, I would rate a 1. Theirs no kick whatsoever which I let my wife try, who thinks black pepper is too spicy, even she loved the sauce. The flavor of the sauce is very good, regardless of the heat factor. For that alone, I will be buying again. I just hope they come in a bigger bottle than 8oz which cost 8 dollars, more expensive than any hot sauce I buy at the local grocery store. Overall 4, the reason is the price of the sauce.
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