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Straight from the original Knott's Bear-y Tales Ride you remember as a kid, comes our latest throwback pin - The Spring Chicken! As riders traveled from the Berry Factory, through the Weird Woods and, finally, to the County Fair - the journey was filled with amazing sights sounds...and scents! One of the highlights of the County Fair was the crowning of this year's Spring Chicken! This fun, nostalgic pin celebrates just one of the key moments from the classic ride! Pluck one now before it crosses the road forever... 

Quantity: Limit 2 Per Guest. 
Pin #82. 
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by Roger
on 2/1/2021
Knott’s almost laid an egg with this pin!
Man, I sure do love the Mad Magazine inspired quirky, colorful artwork of the pin and its cardboard backing! Lots of fun! Butt.......it’s a big ass chicken on a skinny ass pin. This pin is so skinny, it could double as a tooth pick - especially well suited for a nice, between the teeth clogging chicken dinner! Knott’s you made four strategic mistakes with this 100th. Anniversary Pin Set: #1. There was an over representation of cutesy Peanuts characters at the expense of originally conceived Knott’s subject matter #2. That extremely disappointing black, silhouetted snoopy dog house cardboard backing on some of the pins deprived the world of more expressions of Knott’s artistic talents #3. Some of the pins ( like this chicken pin) are well conceived and well designed but are just too narrow or small to fully appreciate all of the detail and #4.The paper stock used for some of the cardboard backing was too flimsy. Use of the more sturdy paper stock really enhances the overall appeal.
by Alex
on 8/15/2020
Love the Design
The design on this one is pretty cool. Just wish the pin was a bit bigger!
by Leroy
on 7/13/2020
It’s a cute one and I certainly remember her from the attraction. I give it a 5 for nostalgic memories and a 4 for design. It’s very small, but far too cute to pass up!
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